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Road Division

The Road Division of the Guernsey Sheriff’s Office enforces the primary mission of the sheriff which includes:


  • Serve as the chief law enforcement officer of the county the Sheriff is charged with
    preserving the public peace.
  • As an executive officer of the courts the Sheriff is responsible for enforcing
    court orders, delivering subpoenas, and attending sessions of the Court of Common
    Pleas and Court of Appeals. Subject to the direction and control of the Board of County
    Commissioners the Sheriff is also in charge of the court house.
  • The Sheriff is in charge of the county jail. The Sheriff’s duties are broadly defined
    and include responsibility for the safety of the inmates, maintenance of the jail facility,
    and operation of the jail according to the “Minimum Standards for Jails in Ohio”
    promulgated by the Department of Rehabilitation and Correction. Jails and the Sheriff’s
    responsibilities are governed by Ohio Revised Code.
  • The General Assembly has directly imposed specific responsibilities on the
    Sheriff in relation to the administration of state programs or has authorized programs
    that can be established by the Board of County Commissioners that are to be managed
    by the Sheriff if established.



LT. Dale Lyons

Lt. Jim Stoney

Lt. Jason Mackie

Lt. Sam Williams


Sgt. Kevin Stoney

Sgt. Jeremy Wilkinson

Sgt. Dustin Best

Sgt. Dale Resor