Evidence Room

A critical function of the Guernsey County Sheriff’s Office is to maintain the evidence room. The chief function of the evidence room is to safely and securely hold and maintain important articles or property for use in trials. An evidence custodian is in

charge of the evidence room and has the duty of maintaining the evidence which includes collecting and logging evidence from submitting officers, maintaining records, releasing evidence for trials and destroying evidence when a court issues a destruction order. 
There are a wide variety of articles that may be found in an evidence room. Some articles may be held in the evidence room to secure it until the rightful owner can be found. Articles found in the evidence room can vary from a license plate that was found on the side of the road or drugs that were purchased by undercover officers or money seized from a drug dealer. There may also be weapons and evidence used in a homicide. 
Most articles submitted to the evidence room will be used in a court of law against a defendant. Some items in the evidence room may be there for several years.  The articles remain in the evidence room until either a court order is received to dispose of the property after a case is finished or until the rightful owner of the property is located. Articles in the property may also be forfeited to the sheriff’s office to be used in law enforcement.




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