Charges Expected in Sexual Assault Investigation

Sheriff Jeffrey D. Paden said that in August of this year, an investigation was initiated after it was reported to the Guernsey County Sheriff’s Office that in the fall of 2019, a 24 year old Guernsey County resident had drove to a neighboring county to pick a 13 year old female, who had snuck out of her residence. The female was later picked up by this male and was driven to a residence in Guernsey County where she was later sexually assaulted by this male and then later dropped back off in her residential county.

Sgt. Bill Patterson of the Investigations Division was assigned the case at that time and began gathering evidence which included physical evidence as well as speaking to multiple persons. The suspect in this case was brought into the Sheriff’s Office, where Sgt. Patterson was able to obtain corroborating evidence during the interview.

This case does remain under investigation by the Guernsey County Sheriff’s Office at this time and the male’s name is being withheld until he can be formally charged. This case is expected to be presented to the Grand Jury in the near future for consideration of multiple felony charges.