Guernsey County Sheriff’s Office Detective Named Top Cop

Detective Brian Carpenter has been recognized by the Guernsey County Prosecutor’s Office as TOP COP for the 2020 Fall Quarter.  Detective Carpenter received this award to acknowledge the numerous levels of accomplishments he has been instrumental in for the success of the Guernsey County Sheriff’s Office.

Detective Carpenter has played a pivotal rule in the successful investigation of multiple complex felony investigations.  Detective Carpenter is currently assigned to the Investigations Division of the Guernsey County Sheriff’s Office, Special Response Team, Central Ohio Drug Enforcement Task Force, and is also a member of the Ohio Organized Crime Investigations Commission.  While serving in these strategic roles, Deputy Carpenter has written and executed more than 100 search warrants.  Also while working with the Task Force he has specifically aided in the seizure of more than $100,000 in cash, multiple vehicles, multiple kilos of cocaine, crystal meth, heroin, marijuana, fentanyl, and hundreds of illicit pills.  During the course of these investigations, Detective Carpenter personally coordinated efforts not only with neighboring agencies, but coordinated with the DEA, ATF, HIS, and Cleveland Police Department Gang Unit.  This coordination and steadfast devotion to duty has not only seized critical assets of criminals, but has resulted in more than 125 years of total prison sentences.  Also, during this quarter, Detective Carpenter received more than 100 hours of specified training on criminal interdiction, patrol operations, bulk cash smuggling, money laundering, and drug investigations which included GPS, cellphone and computer data recovery and analysis.  His leadership impacts across all the ranks, while his experience is instrumental to the unmatched team work that is found in the Investigations Division.    

His court preparedness and professionalism is beyond reproach.  His bedside manner and ability to show true compassion for victims is simply amazing.  His drive to find justice for victims in this community and to coordinate with supporting agencies is unmatched.  

Major Wilkinson commented, “It is without a doubt that throughout this quarter, Detective Carpenter, a third generation law enforcement officer has performed in a manner that was beyond the scope of expectation of what one would expect of an employee.  His day to day pace is nothing short of amazing and I am absolutely honored to have him in my ranks.  His training exceeded what was expected and his ability to grasp and exponentially forward the vision of the Sheriff was unprecedented.”

As recipient of the TOP COP AWARD for the 2020 Fall Quarter, Detective Brian Carpenter received a Certificate of Appreciation from the Prosecutor’s Office and gift cards from local sponsors: FMJ, LLC (Full Metal Jacket), The Bear’s Den Restaurant & Steak House, 360 Burger, Riesbeck’s Food Markets, Inc., Ford Tire & Service, Judy’s Barber Shop and Salt Fork Lodge & Conference Center.

Thank you Detective Brian Carpenter for your commitment of service to Guernsey County!