New Mail Policy for Inmates Housed at the Guernsey County Jail

The Guernsey County Sheriff’s Office has implemented a new mail procedure for jail inmates. Nearly all incoming mail will no longer be accepted directly to the inmates. Instead, mail must now be sent to a sorting facility where it will be checked for contraband, scanned, and uploaded to video monitors in each cell block where the inmates can view it digitally. Sheriff Jeffrey D. Paden states “Incoming mail for inmates has always produced issues for jail staff. The mail would have to be checked by hand for contraband which includes dangerous drugs. We have had to send jail staff to the hospital because of exposure to dangerous drugs which is hidden somewhere on the mail. This new procedure eliminates that risk. By eliminating incoming mail directly to the inmates, jail staff will also have more time to conduct other duties which in turn saves taxpayer money.”

The new procedure can be viewed by clicking here.