Residents Of Kimbolton Should Be Vigilant Due To Recent Vehicle Thefts

The Guernsey County Sheriff’s Office is asking residents in the Kimbolton area to be vigilant and to report any suspicious activity that they may encounter. Sheriff Jeffrey Paden said that deputies have taken multiple reports over the past week regarding thefts of disabled vehicles in the area. Two vehicles were taken from the same property on Plum Rd. within one week and another vehicle was taken while disabled alongside the roadway of Old 21 near North Salem, after the vehicle was involved in a crash.

The owner located the vehicle a few miles from the scene after he followed “drag marks” in the pavement. The vehicle appeared to have been dragged and came detached from a trailer. A separate attempted theft of an ATV inside a building was discovered by the property owner on Main St in Kimbolton. Sheriff Paden said that if you see anything that appears suspicious, to contact the Sheriff’s Office at 740-439-4455.