Sheriff Jeffrey D. Paden Modifies CCW Appointment Hours To Benefit Guernsey County Residents

Sheriff Jeffrey D. Paden has modified the CCW Application intake hours to give Guernsey County Residents a better opportunity to sign up for a CCW appointment. Ohio Governor Mike DeWine signed into law House Bill 614 which allows for any resident of the State of Ohio to go to any county to obtain their CCW Permit. It replaced the law that only adjoining county residents to Guernsey County could apply for a CCW Permit. Sheriff Paden states “We were seeing a large number of residents as far away as Cuyahoga County coming to Guernsey County to apply for a CCW Permit. These other larger counties are backed up on CCW appointments clear into April of 2021. Because of this, I have set aside Tuesdays of every week to allow for only Guernsey County Residents to sign up for appointments. I want to give Guernsey County Residents a day set aside just for them.”

To apply for a CCW Permit, simply go to and click on the CCW Application link on the home page. This link will take you to a page explaining the CCW laws and application process. At the bottom of this page, is a red button which when clicked, will take you to the appointment sign up page. Guernsey County residents will want to click on the “CCW Application – Guernsey County Residents Only” link on that page.