The Guernsey County Sheriff’s Office Has A New App!

Get the App! Get the App!

The Guernsey County Sheriff’s Office is very pleased to announce that we now have an App. The App is available on both Android and Iphone devices. The App features many helpful resources like:

  • Push Notifications (Instant notifications such as emergency alerts and snow level notifications)
  • Office information such as addresses, mapping and contact information.
  • Local weather
  • Sheriff Sales
  • ESORN (Sex Offender Information)
  • Complete list of Guernsey County wanted fugitives
  • Road Conditions (offers road closings and snow levels)
  • Social Media
  • Press Releases
  • Inmate Information
  • CCW Information and appointment sign-up
  • Listing of criminal justice resources (courts, prosecutors and victim advocates)
  • Ability to send anonymous crime and drug tips
  • Chat with dispatchers
  • and much more…..

Sheriff Jeffrey D. Paden states “I am always looking to find ways to better provide important information to the citizens of Guernsey County. This App will get that information to them quickly wherever they are in the palm of their hands. We are living in a world where technology has greatly improved the ability to get information quickly and accurately out to the public and I attend to use it wherever and whenever I can. This is the initial release of the App and we will continue to find ways to improve it and add additional tools as they become available.”

To get the app for Android devices CLICK HERE

To get the app for IOS devices CLICK HERE