Communications Division

Dustin Best


Jeff Hannon

Dispatch Supervisor

The Communications Division comprises of dedicated professionals who ensures that information is relayed to First Responders that is accurate and dependable. This is crucial because this information can ultimately save lives. They are the first line of defense in making sure that First Responders get to where they need to be and have up to the second information on emergency scenes because every second truly matters. Some of the duties performed by the Division are:

  • Answering 911 emergencies,
  • Emergency Medical Dispatching (EMD),
  • Answering general public inquiries,
  • Maintaining radio communications for the Office,
  • Answering requests for assistance,
  • Call taking for deputies,
  • Social media and website posts,
  • Relaying information to radio stations

Guernsey County Sheriff’s Office 911 Dispatchers are professionals who are certified in PST1, CPR and EMD.  They are a critical element in the 911 link to Life Saving Services. The Communications Division, under the command of Sgt. Dustin Best, employs 11 full and part-time employees.  They provide enhanced 911 telephone service and Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD) to assist in efficient dispatching of Law Enforcement and Fire/EMS calls for six (6) law enforcement agencies and twelve (12) fire departments.