Social Media Policy for Public Use

The Guernsey County Sheriff’s Office is participating in social media formats to reach a broader audience, disseminate information and interact with residents. We encourage your comments, your ideas and your suggestions through our social media sites and look forward to an active exchange of ideas. This is a place for collecting suggestions, sharing new ideas and providing constructive criticism relevant to Office programs, services, projects, issues, events or activities. All viewpoints are welcome, but comments should remain relevant to the topic at hand, not use profanity, not make unsupported allegations, and should not include spam. Anonymous posting will not be permitted on Guernsey County Sheriff’s Office social media sites. Social media sites are not to be used to report emergencies. Guernsey County Sheriff’s Office social media sites will not constitute an official form of communication for legal notice, specific requests for service, public records requests, registering a complaint, or filing a claim. Members of the media are asked to send questions to the Guernsey County Sheriff’s Office through their normal channels and refrain from submitting questions here as comments. Reporter questions will not be posted or answered.

Public records: Any content maintained in a social media format which is related to Office business, including a list of subscribers, posted communication, and communication submitted for posting, may be a public record subject to public disclosure.

The Guernsey County Sheriff’s Office retains the discretion and reserves the right to remove and/or not allow comment(s) to be posted. The Guernsey County Sheriff’s Office reserves the right to modify this policy at any time and all modifications will be posted. Continued use of a Guernsey County Sheriff’s Office site following the posting of any modification signifies acceptance of such modification. Thank you for taking the time to review the Guernsey County Sheriff’s Office Social Media Policy. The following .pdf document explains the Office’s policy in further detail.

Social Media for Public Use Policy