Corrections Division

Lt. Jim Stoney

Jim Stoney


Cpl. Larry Jeffrey

Larry Jeffrey

Day Shift Corporal

Tim Reasoner

Afternoon Shift Corporal

Cpl. Michael Jeffery

Michael Jeffery

Midnight Shift Corporal

The Guernsey County Justice Center and current jail was completed and started housing inmates in 1994. The Sheriff’s Office operates a “Full Service Jail” with a bureau of adult detention recommended capacity of 66 beds which include 54 males and 12 females. The Guernsey County Jail holds all inmates arrested by any law enforcement agency within the county. In 2018, we held 2,523 inmates which included 1,812 men and 711 women. The average daily population is 104 inmates with an average of 64 % felons and 36 % misdemeanor offenders most of the time. We operate a full service kitchen for food service which is inspected twice a year and serves approximately 83,252 meals annually. The county contracts with a licensed dietitian to ensure that each inmate gets the mandated caloric intake of 2400 calories daily at an average cost of $1.57 per meal. In April of 2016, the county contracted with premier physician services to provide health care in the jail. This includes a doctor visiting the jail once a week as needed along with a full time nurse and two part-time nurses. They have already saved the county money on inmate prescription costs and helps ensure the safety of the community by not having to transport as many inmates outside of the secured jail area for medical treatment. The jail is staffed by a jail administrator, shift corporals, and 17 very dedicated and professional corrections officers.

Inmate Portal

In this portal, we provide you with the most up to date listing of the active inmates in the Guernsey County Jail. You can visit the portal here

Guernsey County Jail Inmate Mail

Click here to view inmate mail procedures

Guernsey County Jail Inmate Phone Calls

All calls are collect.  Debit accounts may be setup by the inmate or friends & family by calling the phone provider
SECURUS at 1-800-844-6591
or by visiting

Unwanted inmate phone calls may be blocked by calling the above number or visiting the SECURUS website.

Guernsey County Jail Inmate Property Drop and Release

Only medications & eye wear approved by the medical staff, you may reach the medical staff by calling (740) 439-6339. 8:00am-4:00pm

We do not release inmate property until they have been transported to prison with the exception of food cards that are in the name of the subject picking it up, this is done between the hours or 9:00 AM and 11:00 AM or 8:00 PM and 10:00 PM.

Guernsey County Jail Commissary

Inmates with money in their account may have commissary delivered twice a week.  You may put money on in inmate’s account 24 hours a day by calling 1-888-277-2535 or you deposit money in the kiosk located in the front lobby of the Sheriff’s Office.