Special Deputy Unit

Members of the Special Deputy Unit provide officer and community safety in support of the Sheriff’s mission. Many full-time employees of the sheriff’s office once started as Special Deputies.

When a candidate becomes a special deputy, the new special deputy is state certified as a peace officer with the   same authority as a regular deputy. Special deputies are usually employed full-time in other vocations.

The special deputies are required to volunteer atleast 10 hours a month working as deputies to fulfill their obligation to the Guernsey County Sheriff’s Office, which, in turn, maintains their commissions.

In 2016, there are about 15 active special deputies serving under the direction of Sheriff Paden. These individuals contributed to the quality of life in Guernsey County by infusing their time, talent, experience and enthusiasm in complimenting departmental operations.

The unit strives to serve the Sheriff and community by assisting patrol operations, corrections operations, civil and court services, sexual offender registration and notification, transport services and community-charity events.

Special Deputies train alongside Full-Time Deputies and Jail staff