Scam Alert!

Guernsey County Sheriff Jeffrey D. Paden wants citizens to be aware that his office has taken multiple reports from citizens receiving calls from scam artists. These scam artists are portraying themselves as the Guernsey County Sheriff’s Office, Detective Sam Williams, Judge Padden or Retired Judge Ellwood stating that they failed to report for court and a warrant is being issued for their arrest. The Guernsey County Sheriff’s Office along with Judge Padden and Retired Judge Ellwood are not conducting these phone calls. The official way that a court will notify someone of a warrant is either by mail or hand delivery from a deputy. These scam artists are asking that you go to a bank and withdraw money. Do NOT give out any personal information and do NOT send money to these individuals. These scam artist are also capable to make it look like the Sheriff’s Office is calling you by manipulating their phone number to the Sheriff’s Office phone number. Simply let them know that you contacted the Guernsey County Sheriff’s Office and disconnect the call.