Byesville Man Charged with Drug Trafficking following traffic stop


“Sheriff Jeffrey D. Paden said that William David Church Jr. age 52 of Byesville has been charged with Trafficking in a Fentanyl-Related Compound, a felony of the first degree, Possession of Fentanyl-Related Compound, a felony in the first degree, Aggravated Trafficking in Drugs, a felony of the second degree and Aggravated Possession of Drugs also a felony in the second degree following a traffic stop on Monday night June 5th shortly after 10:30 p.m. by Narcotics Detective Brian Carpenter. The traffic stop was conducted for a traffic infraction on Southgate Rd. as the vehicle exited Interstate 70. During the traffic stop Det. Carpenter requested a K9 unit respond to his location and Deputy Adam Castor arrived a few minutes later and deployed K9 Loki. The K9 gave a positive indication to the presence of narcotics on/in the vehicle. During a subsequent search of the interior of the vehicle, there was a clear baggie containing a large amount of a crystal like substance located between the passenger seat and center console area. Upon further examination Det. Carpenter found that the baggie contained two separate baggies, one of which contained the crystal like substance and the other containing a light purple in color powdery substance. The bag of clear crystal like substance, suspected of being methamphetamines weighed over 50 grams and the purple powder believed to be Fentanyl weighed over 40 grams.”

Church remains in the county jail at this time awaiting a bond hearing in the Cambridge Municipal Court.









57 Grams of methamphetamines                                                     William Church Jr.

43 Grams of Fentanyl                                                                                      52 y/o

                                                                                                                             Byesville, OH