Large Prison Sentence After Drug Bust in Guernsey County

Sheriff Jeffrey D. Paden announces that on Friday, September 8, 2023, Devinne Hollie of Cleveland, OH was sentenced in the Guernsey County Common Pleas Court by the Honorable Judge Daniel Padden. Hollie was initially arrested by Guernsey County Sheriff’s Office deputies with the assistance of Homeland Security Investigations on Interstate 70 during a traffic stop on December 1, 2022, where she was found to be concealing fentanyl in the vehicle she was operating. Hollie went on to convey over 300 grams of cocaine by body carrying the narcotics into the Guernsey County Jail. Hollie was then formally charged by the Guernsey County Prosecutors Office and ultimately sentenced on Possession of Cocaine- Felony 1 that also carried a Major Drug Offender specification and an additional specification including the seizure of the vehicle Hollie owned and was operating, illegal conveyance of drugs onto the grounds of a detention facility or institution- Felony 3, and Possession of a Fentanyl related compound- Felony 3.

Hollie was sentenced to 15-20.5 years in prison, a 15-thousand-dollar fine, and a 10-year license suspension, and the vehicle was awarded to the Guernsey County Sheriff’s Office. Due to the large quantity of cocaine that Hollie was found with the Major Drug Offender (MDO) specification was added which mandates the majority of her sentence shall be completed before she is eligible for parole or judicial release. Hollie will be transported to the Ohio Reformatory for Women to begin serving her prison time after she completes her federal prison sentence for prior federal violations.

Sheriff Jeffrey D. Paden states that his office will continue to be proactive and conduct criminal interdiction. This is yet another example of a drug dealer being arrested by his deputies and a successful investigation that led to a decade and a half of imprisonment and the seizure of a vehicle.